Culture, Frameworks, and Technologies for Transformation: Best Practices from Corporate Innovation

Baseconf 2020 • Johor, Malaysia


Grace Sai

Co-Founder at Found8

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Talk summary

Many agree that digital transformation is the next big leap in business success, but with it comes the need for the business to be agile and mobile to adapt with the changing trends. Startups and companies must learn to create a safe space for innovation, and enable organisational agility and broaden the team’s perspective.

Staff validation is also important, from promotions to rewards and most importantly to learn from setbacks. Find out more about the tools and technologies for Transformation and the best practises from corporate innovators at BaseConf2020.

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On January 16th, 2020


At Baseconf 2020 - (go to website)


Kluang, Malaysia

Audience size

In front of 300 people