Learning with Accountability

Australian Workplace Learning Conference, AITD • Sydney, Australia


Stacey Ashley

Award Winning Leadership Coach - Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

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Managing learning programs in a fast-paced, time-poor environment is a challenge for learning and development professionals today. At the same time, it is critical to create positive learning experiences that ensure learning is applied in the workplace and supports the delivery of organisational results.

To optimise results from learning initiatives, we need to move the accountability for learning to the learner.

People said:

'I attended Stacey’s session at the AITD Conference in Sydney on Friday about Learning with Accountability. What an amazing, practical and valuable session! I had a very major OMG moment and discovered the missing link. Thank you again Stacey.'
Leesa Sim, Chief Resource Officer

'I was fortunate to attend the AITD Conference last week and listen to a number of presentations which will be invaluable in the future.
The stand out presentation 'Learning With Accountability' was conducted by Stacey Ashley #kudos.
Stacey was professional, inspiring and was totally engaging. This presentation was the diamond in the crown for providing future strategies for learning accountability.
Thank you AITD and Stacey Ashley for making this an outstanding event. '
Steve Webster, Service Training Manager

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On June 7th, 2019


Australian Workplace Learning Conference, AITD (go to website)


Sydney, Australia

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In front of 180 people