Preparing Beyond The Next Round : What Startups & Investors Should Know Before An Exit / IPO

Baseconf 2020 • Johor, Malaysia


Sai Kit Ng

Chief Executive at Captii Ventures Pte. Ltd

Talk summary

You’ve put in all your time and effort into building something of value. You wake up one day to get a random offer. You get excited, you’re worried, due diligence happens and you’re in a mess. The buyer wants to haggle, what do you do?

Exits, mergers & acquisitions and going IPO are the goals of many founders, some would hold on and try to make it into the next unicorn while others would cash out, but are you actually read for the big E? Have you spent enough time understanding the exit plan? Have you maximise your options? Do you understand how M&As and going IPO works? If you don’t, you need to join this discussion to find out more.

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On January 15th, 2020


Baseconf 2020 (go to website)


Kluang, Malaysia

Audience size

In front of 300 people