Integrated Approach in Recycling of Electronic Wastes

CSIRO Cutting Edge Science and Engineering Symposium, 2019 • Clayton, Victoria Australia


Majorie Valix

Associate Professor at University of Sydney

Talk summary

The build-up of electronic waste is an emerging problem globally but is more acute fordeveloping countries. Without the systems and the technology in place to effectivelycapture and manage these wastes, the accumulation of e-wastes has become apervasive problem at a local, regional and national level. The problem with e-waste isnot just its growing volume but also its toxicity, and its content of valuable resources(e.g., gold, copper) which are lost when e-waste is disposed. The issue is that e-wastesare heterogeneous constituting of glass, metal and plastics. To make it worse they alsocontain toxic components such as brominated flame retardant, lead and mercury thatcurrently makes the waste extremely challenging to re-process. The development ofuniversally acceptable technology for managing e-waste is still evolving. This paperpresents an integrated technology that exploits the natural ability of microorganismsto extract the metallic fractions by bioleaching and the biohydropyrolysis of the plasticcomponents of the e-waste.

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On May 27th, 2019


CSIRO Cutting Edge Science and Engineering Symposium, 2019 (go to website)


Clayton, Victoria Australia

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In front of 45 people