Building Innovative Culture

Startup Week Bangkok 2019 • Bangkok, Thailand


Archawat Chareonsilp

Chief Strategy Officer at HUBBA Thailand

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Talk summary

The world has never seen so much changes with so little time. Changes are not only fast but vast, from environmental, political to societal, from economy to communities. Corporate culture that build on stability and predictability is being challenged all over the world.

The job of leaders have never been more challenging and more demanding. Building new vision, maneuvering through uncharted territories, and lead your team toward future growth, its the brave new world of leadership. In time like this leaders must be courageous to make difficult decisions to introduce changes that may seem hard today but critical for the future of business. Leaders must lead and role model the new thinking, behavior, to transform culture which grounded on the strong belief in his or her people and their ability to rise to the challenge. It is hard but with the right strategies and the right tools, it can be done and it must be done, or else.

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On July 31st, 2019


Startup Week Bangkok 2019 (go to website)


Bangkok, Thailand

Audience size

In front of 100 people