Suncorp’s intranet community of practice case study: from zero to hero in under a year

Digital Employee Experience 2019 • Sydney, Australia


Susan McAndrew

Advisor Channels at Suncorp Group

Talk summary

In the pursuit of the most effective methods for sharing knowledge across organisations or maybe in the pursuit of digital transformation, people are often overlooked in favour of the latest technology solution. What we forget is that it’s our people who ultimately determine the adoption and success of any technology.

Previous intranet upgrades and roll-outs at Suncorp have focused mostly on implementing technology, but this time it’s different.

Susan will share how having a structured Community of Practice at the heart of Suncorp’s intranet migration to SharePoint Online is connecting people, building capability, delivering tangible business benefits – and most importantly, inspiring our people.

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On September 18th, 2019


Digital Employee Experience 2019 (go to website)


Sydney, Australia

Audience size

In front of 50 people