Friction Free Economies in a Smart Nation

Masters & Robots 2019 • Multikino,Warsaw, Poland


Leesa Soulodre

General Partner at r3i ventures

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Talk summary

Imagine an economy, without friction—a new world of digital marketplaces in which labour, information, and money move easily, cheaply, and almost instantly. In his 1999 book, The Road Ahead, Bill Gates defined “friction-free capitalism.” At the time it was a prediction. But by 2015 it became a reality. In this session, I will showcase disruptive Asian pioneers enabling a friction-free digital future for their markets. These pioneers are not only marching their ecosystems towards a friction-free future, but also a socially viable one.

We will explore :

what they are doing to digitize and remove friction from their industry sectors.
if a friction-free economy results in an economy free of middlemen, what are the key benefits for consumers and what are the advantages to society.
if technologies of the digital future can remove friction like time, accessibility and distance. How can we do that inclusively, so everyone gets the same access and on the same playing field?
In a friction-free economy where business models are asset like, what do you view as the 3 key ingredients that are going to empower companies to not only survive but thrive?
If a friction-free economy lowers barriers, “allowing every person and organization the same opportunities, what should we expect in the future?

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On October 9th, 2019


Masters & Robots 2019 (go to website)


Warsaw, Poland

Audience size

In front of 1000 people