How to Transform People Problems Into People Power

Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 • Bangkok, Thailand


Pauly Ting

Co-Founder & CEO at Bold & Resolute

Talk summary

Many businesses believe culture is purely about having corporate values and perks, an open plan office design, and robust process and tools. While these components are important, they are not the whole picture of what culture is and how it affects how a business operates. Culture is fundamentally created by the emotional experience of the people involved. How everyone relates to each other, themselves, the customers and the work, will design the culture that the company lives and dies by. As a result, when culture becomes bogged down in reports, scores, and actions, it may be technically proficient and yet people feel miserable and HATE everything about it. So how do we create a culture that doesn’t just perform well, but has people feel passionate, inspired, and empowered? In this 1.5-hour interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to read the source code of any culture, how to increase self-awareness within your team, and gain the tools to transform your ‘people problems’ into 'people power’.

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On November 26th, 2019


Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 (go to website)


Bangkok, Thailand

Audience size

In front of 200 people