Tracking and Analytics

HKGCC Digital Marketing Series 2020 • Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre, Hongkong


Vishwas Thakkar

Founder & Head of Digital Strategy at Concinnity

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Talk summary

One of the most important part of Digital Marketing is Tracking and Measurement of your online performance. How would you otherwise know what is working and what is not?
By measuring the right actions on your website and your online campaign outcome, you will be able to track your Return-On-Investment and make data-based decisions.

In this session, we will be covering:
• Google Analytics tracking and how to set it up
• Facebook Pixel tracking and how to set it up
• Basics of Google Analytics (how and where to find the data)

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On March 13th, 2020


HKGCC Digital Marketing Series 2020 (go to website)


Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre, Hongkong

Audience size

In front of 100 people