Closing the carbon cycle through molecular recycling of problematic plastic waste via gasification

CSIRO Cutting Edge Science and Engineering Symposium, 2019 • Clayton, Victoria Australia


Joerg Kleeberg

Research Group Leader material and process analysis (VIRTUHCON)

Talk summary

The tightening of regulations for plastic waste disposal in Germany, the ban of plasticwaste imports by China, and the increasing amount of problematic plastic waste (e.g.carbon fiber, composite materials, mixed plastic waste) entering the recycling systemare drivers for innovative solutions for sustainable plastic waste disposal in Germany.To date, the German waste hierarchy is defined as reduce, reuse, material recycling,incineration before disposal. In order to resolve the growing plastic waste challenge,market interest in integrating chemical recycling as the step before incineration –especially for problematic plastic waste which challenges material recycling andcannot be safely disposed of via incineration – is growing exponentially. Chemicalrecycling is carried out via solvolysis, pyrolysis and gasification. In particulargasification, through breaking down plastic waste into CO, H2 (syngas) and CO2 whichare the key building blocks for synthesis chemistry, supports a closing of the carboncycle whereby plastic waste – in dependent of its origins and characteristics – can be
used to generate a whole spectrum of new chemical products. In the presentation, thedemands on gasification technologies for closing the carbon cycle, first experimentalresults as well as an international overview of innovations in gasification technologiesfor plastic waste (EBARA, ENERKEM, IEC) will be presented and discussed.

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On May 27th, 2019


CSIRO Cutting Edge Science and Engineering Symposium, 2019 (go to website)


Clayton, Victoria Australia

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In front of 45 people