The Business Case for Happiness at Work

Employee Engagement Conference • Melbourne, Australia


Stacey Ashley

Award Winning Leadership Coach - Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

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Happiness at work is a bigger concept than engagement.
Stacey will take delegates through the science of positive psychology and the impacts on performance and productivity.
The business case for happiness will also give attendees practical activities and tips to use in the workplace for engaging their staff.

The Science of Happiness at Work Organisations are embracing the Science of Happiness at Work because it has such a dramatic effect on employees, leaders and overall business results.
Organisations today are often very unhappy places to be: there’s too much to do, too few resources, too little talent and still so much waste.
Leaders everywhere worry about retaining their best people, ensuring motivation, making initiatives work, and getting projects delivered, all while enabling everyone to stay creative and innovative.

But how?
Our knowledge-driven and service-led organisations need to get to grips with the Science of Happiness at Work for three important reasons:
 Happiness drives tangible benefits to the bottom line (the business case)
 Happiness is linked closely to performance; the happier people are, the more productive they, their teams and their organisations are
 Happiness is measurable, manageable and actionable

People said:
'I was very fortunate to experience Stacey's deep passion and expertise for wellness during the workshop she facilitated on 'The Business Case for Happiness at Work'. Stacey exudes generosity, expertise and professionalism in all that she does.'
Cassandra Goodman, Former Global Head of Employee Experience BUPA

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On November 30th, 2016


Employee Engagement Conference


Melbourne, Australia

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In front of 16 people