Legal Translation Seminar

Japan Association of Translators  • Tokyo, Japan


Christopher Rathbone

Attorney at City Yuwa Partners

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Talk summary

The goal of the seminar is to provide attendees with an overall approach for translating legal documents and practical tips to reduce translation time and improve quality. The seminar will start with an explanation of the physical and online resources currently available for translating legal documents and suggestions for an overall approach and touch on computer-assisted translation. The introductory explanation will be followed by a discussion of actual cases that illustrate how to go about determining the proper translation of various Japanese legal terms. We will then look at the major document categories translated by law firms. The seminar participants will work through sample texts, and the answers will be presented, along with practical translation tips.

About this talk




On June 13th, 2015


Japan Association of Translators (go to website)


Chiyoda, Japan

Audience size

In front of 50 people