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HKGCC Get up to Speed with Digital Marketing Series • Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre, Hongkong


Vishwas Thakkar

Founder & Head of Digital Strategy at Concinnity

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Talk summary

Customer expectations are extremely different nowadays. We know that a majority of purchases are researched online before a customer goes into a store.

Digitization and automation for many companies used to be a very time-consuming experience and a lengthy process. That is no longer the case—it can sometimes be done now in just weeks or even days with the appropriate knowledge and strategies.

As Paul Willmott from McKinsey said "Digital is fundamentally shifting the competitive landscape in many sectors. It allows new entrants to come from unexpected places. We're seeing banks get into the travel business in some countries. We're seeing travel agents get into the insurance business. We're seeing retailers go into the media business."

In this session, we will be covering:
• Introduction to online Channels
• How companies go about building Digital Strategies
• Marketing Funnels (with examples)
• Tools to build and execute Digital Strategy

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On March 13th, 2019


HKGCC Get up to Speed with Digital Marketing Series (go to website)


Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre, Hongkong

Audience size

In front of 100 people