CRM Adoption - Build It and Will They Come?

Summit Australia for Microsoft Business Applications • Melbourne, Australia


Troy King

Principal Consultant - Change Strategy

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Talk summary

When it comes to CRM functional and technical design, there's always a focus on the standard people, process, technology streams with change practices to assist. Yet the two key elements of adoption can be simplified down to fear and empathy. How can we better understand how fear blocks users from adopting? How can empathy be used to drive adoption by overcoming and addressing fears? In this combination of interactive presentation and collaborative workshop, we'll cover basic elements of neuroscience to improve CRM adoption. Then, using agile principles, we'll establish common challenges faced by those in a room and brainstorm some practical strategies to take away from the session.

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On August 21st, 2019


Summit Australia for Microsoft Business Applications (go to website)


Melbourne, Australia

Audience size

In front of 50 people