When is it time to detox your work culture? (Not all is lost with the toxic work culture. Here is how you can detect and fix it)

Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 • Bangkok, Thailand


Juliet Kasko

Director at CxO

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Talk summary

Everyone has gone through that feeling of not wanting to go to work. Work feels miserable, new ideas cannot thrive, people cannot be honest, and bullying occurs. Egotistic leaders micromanage high performers to the point where they are disengaged and quit. Sounds familiar? Toxic work cultures are detrimental for companies. At a time where there is a shortage of talent, companies need to realize the importance of appreciating work and ideas created instead of the hours needed to be spent at a cubicle desk. Managers need own up to mistakes made and communicate with their people to come up with solutions. Leaders need to build trust and give opportunities for people to make decisions that can elevate the company. But how can an organization get rid of the free riders, the bad actors, the sociopaths, and political beasts while still maintaining it's performance. When and how can you break from the vicious cycle that is killing your culture without killing your company? Learn from these top executives who have gone through corporate culture hell and back.

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On November 25th, 2019


Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 (go to website)


Bangkok, Thailand

Audience size

In front of 400 people