The Five Pit-Stops to Creating a Digital Transformation Culture

Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 • Bangkok, Thailand


Raj Sundarason

Regional Vice President at WalkMe™

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Talk summary

"Digital Transformation is one of the top 3 discussion points in most organizations today. Incredibly, research from Gartner suggests that +80% of digital transformation programs fail to deliver on the value they promised from the onset. In this session, Raj will share global data on the challenges organizations are having with their transformation programs. He will share the current divide that exists between leaders and users critical in digital programs today and will provide design principles that are helping to reduce friction within the programs today. He will share 5 pit-stops that are reshaping how organizations are thinking about the digital transformation journey. He will introduce what a digital adoption platform is and share how it can be leveraged to level set the digital dexterity divide within an organization. As roles shift, Raj will share insights from research WalkMe has done on who is best placed to own and drive the success of these programs, and the characteristics required to be successful."

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On November 26th, 2019


Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 (go to website)


Bangkok, Thailand

Audience size

In front of 200 people