Discovering the Steps to Creating a Solid Company Culture

Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 • Bangkok, Thailand


Michelle Duval

CEO & Founder at Fingerprint for Success (F4S)

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Talk summary

What is company culture, and how is it founded? How can entrepreneurs curate a company culture that will bring out the best of their team members, promote engagement, and drive the company forward at the same time? Moreover, how do you ensure that the culture will last through unforeseeable changes in the future? In this unique workshop, we will unpack the key building blocks to curating culture, discover the essential factors that proliferate and sustain culture even during times of transformation and change, and explore the role that data now plays in curating and sustaining culture from startups to enterprise with professional coaching expert Michelle Duval, CEO & Founder at Fingerprint for Success.

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On November 26th, 2019


Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 (go to website)


Bangkok, Thailand

Audience size

In front of 200 people