Startup Automation

Techsauce 2019 • Bangkok, Thailand


Andrew Pankevicius

Co-Founder of Onstage

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Talk summary

This panel focused on how startups can use interesting approaches to automate parts of their value chain, sales processes and implement tools that increase visibility across the team.

Some key points from this discussion included:

- Automation clarifies business processes, provides structure to core tasks and ideally adds transparency for team-members to rely upon.

- When you integrate new technology into your business, consider the security implications. Shared passwords are a thing of the past, single sign on linked through to a well managed Gsuite ensures that your automations/outsourcing can quickly be locked down/shut down if necessary.

- Always consider your company's size when automating processes, small teams of five to six individuals can quickly adapt to a new system, but those that have 50-60 employees require change management. Learning, development and documentation is key for new processes to be adhered to.

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On June 19th, 2019


Techsauce 2019 (go to website)


Bangkok, Thailand

Audience size

In front of 200 people