An integrated biohydrometallurgical process for metal recovery from electronic wastes

CSIRO Cutting Edge Science and Engineering Symposium, 2019 • Clayton, Victoria Australia


Jonovan Van Yken

Completing PhD at Murdoch University

Talk summary

The treatment and recycling of electronic waste (e-waste) is an increasing waste management issue with global consequences. It is estimated that globally approximately 20–50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated annually, with a growth rate of 3-5% per annum. In Australia the majority of the unrecycled waste is sent to landfill. This contributes to 70% of the toxic chemicals in landfill, representing a large source of land and water contamination. E-waste is considered an important secondary resource because of its high metal content, and subsequent value. In 2014, the value of e-waste in Australia was estimated at US$370 M, with waste printed circuit boards (PCBs) accounting for US$150 M. With declining global mineral resources, recovering these metal values from e-waste is becoming increasingly attractive. Currently, no economically feasible technology is available to facilitate metal recovery in Australia.

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On May 27th, 2019


CSIRO Cutting Edge Science and Engineering Symposium, 2019 (go to website)


Clayton, Victoria Australia

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In front of 45 people