Search Engine Optimization 101

HKGCC Get up to Speed with Digital Marketing Series • Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre, Hongkong


Vishwas Thakkar

Founder & Head of Digital Strategy at Concinnity

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Talk summary

This search engine optimization (SEO) seminar will show you how to make your website's ranking higher. We'll discuss using what tools to perform a keyword analysis, how and where to choose your best keywords for best results, and best ways to get incoming links to help increase your web visibility. Lastly, we will cover Local SEO for local search results.
Search Engines can provide great leads/prospects for your business, but why aren't you getting as much traffic as you'd like? Why are competitors' ranking higher compared to your website? What can you do to increase your website's visibility?
We will be covering:
• How to research best keyword terms that will drive qualified leads to your website
• Changes on your website that will increase your website's visibility
• Ways to improve your website's ranking
• Do's and Don'ts of search engine optimization

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On March 27th, 2019


HKGCC Get up to Speed with Digital Marketing Series (go to website)


Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre, Hongkong

Audience size

In front of 100 people