Sitthiphorn Anthawonksa

Head of CX at Kaidee


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Sitthiphorn Anthawonksa's biography

Sitthiphorn is the Head of Customer Experience at Kaidee. He started his career as a founder of in 2006 where he shared his knowledge about Web standards, CSS, and HTML for years. Then, his passion has grown to UX development in the past few years - one of his masterpieces was the responsive website of

Kaidee has now grown into an easily accessible online trading platform with over 35 million Thai users, with a sales volume of over 1.85 million items worth over 100,000 million baht, since its inception in 2011. In 2017, the company was ranked second in the "TopTech employers" to work for by NIDA.

Sitthiphorn holds a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication/Media Studies and is a certified scrum master.