Pramewith (Pippo) Sreechatthiwong

Co-founder & CEO of Storylog & Fictionlog


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Member of HUBBA Thailand

Pramewith (Pippo) Sreechatthiwong's biography

Pramewith is an actor, writer, producer and Co-founder of, an online social platform focused on the writing and sharing of real-life ideas and experiences. He brings with him vast experience in creative work, having acted in many TV series and written many screenplays.

As a result, Storylog has been a resounding success in the 2 years since its inception. It currently collects over 60,000 stories, written by over 5,000 contributing users, and enjoys an average monthly readership of up to 300,000 people. The site has been known as one of the five winners from the Dtac Accelerate start-up competition and has been called the "fastest-growing collection of stories in Thailand".

Pramewith holds a Bachelor of Communication Arts, Communication Management, from Chulalongkorn University.