Karun Warapongsittikul

CEO at Mojito Techonology Co.,Ltd.


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Member of HUBBA Thailand

Karun Warapongsittikul's biography

Karun is a User Experience (UX) specialist and User Interface (UI) designer. With over ten years of user-centered design experience, he drives the industry forward with the power of user experience to deliver better solutions. He founded Mojito Technology Co., Ltd., a company that helps design chatbots to automate customer engagement and self services for its customers.

He is also one of the founders of UX Academy, the first school in Thailand to specialise in UX. He has a lot of experience working with multi-national companies such as Telenor group, Samsung, Chevron and Thomson Reuters, has attended countless number of workshops and events in the capacity of a UX evangelist.

As a Google UI/UX Expert, Karun belongs to a global network of experienced product strategists, designers, developers and marketing professionals actively supporting developers, startups and companies changing the world through web and mobile applications.

Karun holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial and Product Design from King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi.