Darin Suthapong

Startup Entrepreneur & UX Strategist


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Member of HUBBA Thailand

Darin Suthapong's biography

Darin is the CEO and Co-founder of Indie Dish, a healthy-dish website and mobile app that allows customers to discover more than 300 healthy menus from 50 top vendors and restaurants across Bangkok. When she came back to Thailand a couple of years ago, she found it far from convenient to get healthy meals, Therefore, she decided to launch Indie Dish with the mission “to make healthy eating simple and fun”.

Prior to that, she was the lead User Experience (UX) designer at Amazon in the US in delivery and post-purchase experience. Her work included a wide range of responsibilities, such as research, strategy and design, and the key project she worked on was reimagining the entire Amazon online-delivery experience for both the US market and internationally.

Darin obtained her Bachelor degree in Design and Media Arts from University of California, Los Angeles, and her Masters degree in Digital Communication from University of Washington.