Bart Bellers

Partner and CEO at Xpdite Capital Partners


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Member of HUBBA Thailand

Bart Bellers's biography

Bart Bellers is a passionate out-of-the-box thinker, a proclaimed maverick and sought-after speaker with over 20 years’ experience in travel technology, startup ecosystems and corporate innovation. “THINK DIFFERENT & JUST DO IT”, is what he believes in.

As Founding Partner and CEO of Xpdite Ventures, he launched a new breed of venture capital investment firm, a hybrid model between venture capital and a startup studio. By leveraging its deep industry expertise, shared services and global relations with the leading brands, Xpdite Ventures realizes the promise of early stage startups to creates sustainable businesses.

Before, Bart founded an innovation consultancy and held several executive positions for the world’s leading travel tech company, Amadeus IT Group. As the architect behind Amadeus NEXT, the leading travel tech community in APAC, he built up a solid network with strong relations in the global startup ecosystems.

In a previous life, he successfully led commercial and e-business projects at the leading edge of technology and founded a startup that transformed the way companies moved online. Back in 2000, he co-created and led the world’s first, SAAS based, integrated supply chain for the ICT industry serving customers like Hewlett Packard, SAP and Coca-Cola and a yearly turnover of half a billion EUR.

Pragmatic and result oriented, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, forward thinking and technology background, Bart is an early adopter of the Lean Startup and committed to take startups to the next level, increase the returns of investors and speed up corporate innovation.