Joanna Arai

Owner, Creator & Writer at My Planet My Life

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My Planet, My Life, My Responsibility

Living Sustainably in Japan

22 April, 2020 • 100 people in the audience

Personal growth (through my story of developing passion and mission in life) and aspects of living sustainably.

Empowerment: My Life, My Planet, My Responsibility

Beauty-Boosting and Empowerment

21 February, 2020 • 100 people in the audience

How we can take responsibility for our life (through mindset shift and growth focused practices) and the impact we’re having on the planet (through living sustainably)

A Day

Earth & Peace

29 November, 2019 • 100 people in the audience

My vision for the future and possible global response to the climate crisis

The Climate Reality

Freedom Toast Cafe by Amnesty International Japan

22 November, 2019 • 100 people in the audience

In the face of the catastrophe, the failure of governments to act on climate change may well be the biggest inter-generational human rights violation in history. But young people all over...

My Journey

Pink Cow Connections (PCC)

8 October, 2019 • 100 people in the audience

My personal journey that eventually lead to a full transformation, mindset shift, taking responsibility for my choices and living with purpose.

My Planet My Life

SDGs Pitch Night by Social Innovation Japan

25 June, 2019 • 100 people in the audience

We believe everyone has the power to create positive impact. All it takes is one person, sharing their idea and meeting likeminded people who want to support it. Social Innovation Japan's...

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